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Living Faithfully with Compassion Overload

“I want to talk to you briefly today about Compassion and compassion overload in the stress-filled world.”

Llegar Hasta la Cima de la Montana—¡Y SEGUIR SUBIENDO!

Le invito a leer esta edición desde un punto de vista diferente: ministros de la Iglesia viviendo como discípulos de Jesucristo en comunidad

Taking it to the Top of the Mountain—AND OVER

I invite you to approach this magazine through a different lens: ministers of the Church living their discipleship of Jesus Christ in community

Prayers for the Victims of Orlando

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I tried to write this statement yesterday, the day after the horrific mass murder in Orlando, but the right words—the right “feel”—wouldn’t come. After letting go of it for a […]

A Letter from the Bishops of Virginia to the Church Schools of the Diocese of Virginia regarding transgender persons in our communities

Almost a year ago, Bishop Shannon called for a gathering of representatives from our Church Schools to discuss the reality of transgender students in our schools. At that time we were not aware of any […]