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Young Adult Service Corps: Personal Reflections from Missionaries Part I

When asked to reflect on my past year serving as a missionary in Hong Kong, I find it hard to express how transformative this experience has been.

Sustainability in Haiti

This lesson in sustainability mirrors the most compelling concept I learned from my very short time in Haiti…

Stories of Hope from South Sudan

By: Buck Blanchard, Director of Mission & Outreach, Diocese of Virginia The Diocese of Virginia and its parishes have developed broad and deep relationships with the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan. I’ve watched […]

Embarking on a Walk with God: Youth Pilgrimages

Youth across the Diocese of Virginia are embarking on pilgrimages far and wide – from the sunny shores of California to the rocky coastline of Ireland. They are walking alongside God as they embark on […]

Pilgrimage and Sanctuary in the Pharisee’s House

I think it’s easier, too, to make these kinds of assumptions when you view yourself as the master of the house, as Simon the Pharisee probably did. But if we can view ourselves not as masters of anything, but pilgrims on the same path to relationship with Jesus, the potential for hospitality opens up. We’re no longer gatekeepers but fellow pilgrims.