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Are you using Instagram?

 Instagram, an app used for mobile photo-sharing and video-sharing, is quickly becoming as relevant to the social media world as Facebook or Twitter. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which rely heavily on text and dialogue, Instagram’s […]

Smartphone Apps, Church Style

Anyone who has a smartphone or tablet is aware of the extensive list of apps available, everything from cropping and editing a photo to making and organizing your grocery list. But how many apps do […]

Paying for Publicity: A Facebook Experience

By the Rev. David Keill of Christ Ascension, Richmond First-hand advice and feedback on paying for Facebook publicity. First Ad Our Vacation Bible School team wanted to experiment with a Facebook ad to try to […]

Easing Social Media Anxiety

Many of us are involved in social media in our personal lives. We have Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds, Pinterest boards or Instagram pics. But applying those same technologies to the church world can seem more […]

What’s Up with Facebook?

If you’re a social media junkie who’s in charge of your church’s Facebook page, then you might have noticed a bit of buzz in recent weeks about algorithms and something called “organic reach” on Facebook. […]