Tag: Stewardship

Online Giving for Churches

Online giving in a church environment can be tricky. Much of the data is reported courtesy of online giving providers, making their opinions more than a bit biased. It can be difficult to wade through […]

Walking the Way

The Diocese of Virginia is a member of The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS), an organization committed to inspiring generosity and faithful discipleship.  A primary benefit of membership is that all congregations throughout the Diocese […]

#5Priorities Focus: Strengthening Our Congregations

Strengthening Our Congregations is the #5Priorities Focus this week. One component to a strengthened congregation is communication. The communications office of the Diocese has a wealth of resources to help you utilize technology and social […]

The Art of the Ask

“Getting to ‘Yes!’ by Getting Over Ourselves” A Workshop Presented by the Diocese of Virginia Stewardship Committee Do you choke on the concept of asking a stranger or a trusted friend to contribute to the […]

Leave the Building Quietly…

These words are powerful. Especially when delivered through the calm, measured voice of someone tasked with ensuring the immediate and composed departure of a building full of people in Manhattan. And through a single back […]