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Translating Faith from Camp to the Real World

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth…”

A Secular Focus

The beauty of photography is its ability to make visible the blessedness of each individual and the deep connection between all people.

A Community of Intention: Grace-on-the-Hill

Grace-on-the-Hill, an Episcopal Service Corps program, is an intentional Christian community located adjacent to St. Andrew’s in the historic Oregon Hill neighborhood of Richmond.

Characters of Camp

Campers and counselors are some of the many characters that make up Shrine Mont Camps every summer. These camps wouldn’t function without any one of them. We’ve asked them to #ShoutIt from the mountain what […]

La Frontera

As the Canterbury Student Ministries coordinator at the University of Virginia, I had the privilege of taking a pilgrimage to the U.S./Mexico border…