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TheDiocese.net Top Ten

We’ve compiled the top 10 most frequently visited pages of the diocesan website, and a highlight of the information available on each. 1.  On the Church Directory page you can search for a church by […]

A Tour of Diocesan Committee Websites

The Committees of the Diocese of Virginia are powerhouses of helpful tips and information. Check out the valuable resources available on the following diocesan committee websites: The Stewardship of Creation Committee is focused on sharing […]

Navigating the Navigation

One communications obstacle that can be particularly tricky for church communicators is pinpointing the perfect website navigation menu for your congregation. This can be so difficult in part because, for most of us, we’re trying […]

Exploring the Diocesan Website

The Diocese of Virginia website at thediocese.net is full of helpful resources. Check out a few of these highlights. Who Should I Call? Use this page to learn about the different offices of the Diocese, […]

More Resources from Around the Church: MonkDev

I’m crazy about some of the resources put out by Monk Development, a company that “leads the way in helping churches and organizations broaden their reach, deepen their engagement and develop their community using technology.” […]