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Celebrating Epiphany

By Meg Schwarz, Assistant for Christian Formation I’m sure that many of us could easily take a step back from our lives and view them through seasonal lenses, as distinct periods of time marked by […]

New Online Resources

We’re excited to unveil some updates, improvements and brand new offerings available on the diocesan website to enable your ministry! Join us for a quick tour. Getting Around Our new Navigation System at thediocese.net includes […]

Book Review: Youth Ministry Wake-Up Call

As a staff member of the Christian Formation Office for the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, a big part of my job is supporting the full-time, part-time and volunteer youth workers in our Diocese however I […]

Cool Stuff: From Cinema to Sermons

Have you spent much time exploring the Episcopal Church Center’s Episcopal Digital Network? It’s an online, ad-supported network made up of news, resources, blogs and more. Check out some of their offerings: Lesson Plans that […]

Mission Marvels & Myths: More Youth Mission Opportunities

Part II in a series on mission opportunities for youth in the Diocese of Virginia. In Part I, we examined a few nearby mission opportunities, including ministries in the Appalachian Mountains. Today, we explore a […]